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My first 6 months at my new institute are over and I've been working on a couple of diverse topics lately. So, I'm taking the opportunity to share some things I've learnt during that time, and, in order to remind myself to post stuff more frequently I'll start out with a list of upcoming topics:

  • GIS tools: Manipulation of different raster and vector files; Transformation between raster and vector files; Conversion between different cartographic projections; Powerfull command line tools like ogr2ogr and the gdal suite
  • ☐ Insolation changes over the course of the last thousands–millions of years
  • f2py and the pretty awesome f90wrap tool for derived types
  • ☑ First impressions from using cookiecutter for reproducible science (Update: See next post)

Just in case you need to now, the HTML symbol for the unchecked checkbox ☐ is ☐; the symbol for the checked checkbox ☑ is ☑.

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