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Next topics

My first 6 months at my new institute are over and I've been working on a couple of diverse topics lately. So, I'm taking the opportunity to share some things I've learnt during that time, and, in order to remind myself to post stuff more frequently I'll start out with a list of upcoming topics:

  • GIS tools: Manipulation of different raster and vector files; Transformation between raster and vector files; Conversion between different cartographic projections; Powerfull command line tools like ogr2ogr and the gdal suite
  • ☐ Insolation changes over the course of the last thousands–millions of years
  • f2py and the pretty awesome f90wrap tool for derived types
  • ☑ First impressions from using cookiecutter for reproducible science (Update: See next post)

Just in case you need to now, the HTML symbol for the unchecked checkbox ☐ is ☐; the symbol for the checked checkbox ☑ is ☑.

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To design a Website

I really have had to make up my mind to come up with a simple and sleek website. It took me several days to think how my personal homepage should look like. Although, nowadays, every institute's home page provides a staff list where (usually) every staff member is asked to upload some content—see my personal PIK page, for example—but this kind of design and content is not what I was looking for. And I love it simple!

So, I decided that my personal website should have a simple layout, at least the entry page. Therefore, I chose to use tabs that, while popping up, show what the site is about. It doesn't, by the way, as of now! Who I am, showing a short CV, and showing what I'm interested in. The main entry page should also link to this blog which it does right now.

So far, so good. To allow some interactive behavior I included CSS overlays that pop up while clicking on the respective tab. For a corporate website, I also use the same font Josefin Slab and EB Garamond which you can get from Google Fonts here and here. I like the style of that fonts; especially Josefin Slab reminds me of the 20's or 30's. And EB Garamond is quite good to read as well.

Tags: design, html, css 2014/12/08
New website now online

I've read a many times about the benefits of having your own web page or at least an online resume (for example, here or here). The reason is that when potential employers start looking up your name at Google (or Altavista) they are likely to find something about you. But why not helping your future-to-be employer and providing all essential information about you on your own web page? There, you can show how credible you are, what you like to do and which skills you have, and projects you are working on. For this reason (to be honest, I always wanted to have my own server with my own domain), I obtained the domain last week.

After setting up an SSL certificate for encryption—"Do you copy, NSA?"—using StartSSL™ Free, I had to rework the main web page first. By default, it was index.lighttpd.html, provided by LIGHTTPD, the light-weight web server that is running on my RaspberryPi.

I wanted to keep the web page as simple as possible to get a nice overview of the content. Being a fan of simplicity I also liked the simple designs of the social media buttons that I use (also for the blog engine). Thanks, Dan Leech! For the web page navigation buttons I chose to stick to CSS.

By now, only Blog has some real content, namely this blog. I will update the About and CV sections soon but I'm still looking for a simple way to show off the one-page content of each of these two.

BTW, as of this week you can also follow me on Twitter!

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About Mario Krapp
I'm a physicist by training and graduated in Earth System Science.

And I like coding. I've been working with complex computer models ever since my undergrad and I enjoy data exploration and data analysis to gain insights into the underlying principles.

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