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To set up an email server

Today, I set up an email server on my raspberrypi. Thanks to the tutorial by Sam Hobbs! And it works. If you would like to give it a try, just drop me a mail.

Here's what you need:

  • Postfix as your mail transfer agent
  • Dovecot as your IMAP server
  • A (trusted) certificate for encryption (SSL and the like)

In principle, you could also add a spam filter and things like that. I skipped that for this reason. Because my domain has no static IP address (Dynamic DNS), sent mails are often regarded as spam. Hence, this is just an exercise in server administration.

As an add-on I also installed Roundcube as web-mail application.

Tags: server, administration, email 2015/01/20
More Applications

My numbers of applications grew to 5 last week. And on Monday, I got my first job interview! Only a few days after I've sent my application file. I really enjoyed the interview, also because I felt quite comfortable with the people talking to me. The discussion was vivid and the described tasks were very interesting (Let's keep our fingers crossed!).

Yesterday, I also had a meeting with the employment agency. My supervisor there was open to my requests and wishes and I felt welcome which is not necessarily true. Especially here in Germany. As he explained, all employees at the agency are very, very busy, and they have to take care of as much as 300-400 customers. That is a huge work load for them.

Now, I'm looking for new job ads, again.

Tags: job 2015/01/15
New old project

spiral wave A few days ago, I uploaded a very old (almost ancient) code project to Github. It is a relic of my studies at the university (2007!) and I have used this code for my diploma thesis. After tweaking the code quite a bit, I managed to get it running and spitting out this nice spiral wave (which makes this blog look a lot more colorful than originally I intended).

From the entire Java files I produced back than I included only the one that have a good purpose (like the one above). I also had to add a build file for ant because originally, this project was developed in Eclipse. I am quite happy to see the old stuff still working.

Please, go and try yourself:

git clone

and then

ant [clean,compile,jar,run]

To produce the actual spiral wave you have to process the created data files. That part is not included. If you like to see how this works, drop me an email.

Tags: github, code, java, diploma thesis, models 2015/01/08
Happy 2015

Happy new year, everyone. The last post was quite a while ago. Therefore, my new year's resolution is to add posts on a regular basis. Just in case someone is reading all this1. Good luck to everybody. More interesting things and an update about my job search coming soon.

Update (2015/01/05):

I already submitted three applications (For privacy reasons I won't tell to whom the applications went). I'm still struggling for the right search terms when looking up the job search websites like stepstone, greenjobs, etc. I think it has to do with myself struggling to nail down my skills and to focus on what is important to me, at least for a new engagement. However, instead of me giving a detailed description of what I would like to do next, I broaden search patterns, instead and seek through the much more general results.

Not counting the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve, about 20-30 new job offers hit my mailbox. If one or 2 of these hits match my idea for a new job or even better show me a new idea, my goals is fulfilled. Next:

  • Prepare a motivation letter!
  • Apply!
  • Wait for response!

The latter being the worst part, though I really like the first two steps!

1. Hello Romy

Tags: resolution 2015/01/03
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