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Keeping (time) track of different projects

I work for different projects. And it is not easy to keep track of the time spent on these different projects. There are, of course, tools which handle time tracking for you. But they are either for freelancers, too complicated, or expensive. Here's an alternative: <code>go-watch</code>.

I've tried <code>go</code> because the compiled executables can be deployed everywhere. Try that, Python! In principle you would just need a compiled version for your operating system but here's the clue: Try to install it on your own:

All you need is a <code>go</code> installation and a clone of the go-watch project:

git clone git://

Screenshot of go-watch

Tags: productivity, go, code 2015/10/06

Ever longed for a simple way to type a mathematical expression in HTML just to realize there is no proper way for doing that? There is: MathJax (Thanks to JavaScript). All you have to do is to insert the following sniplet into the head of your html file.

<script type="text/javascript"

Here's an example of the Lorenz attractor (taken from the MathJax Demo page): \begin{align} \dot{x} &= \sigma(y-x) \\ \dot{y} &= \rho x - y - xz \\ \dot{z} &= -\beta z + xy \end{align}

The source:

\dot{x} &= \sigma(y-x) \\
\dot{y} &= \rho x - y - xz \\
\dot{z} &= -\beta z + xy

You probably have to escape the two backslash characters \\ (the newline command). Works also for inline expressions like this \(e^{\imath \pi} + 1 = 0\).

Tags: tools, latex 2012/10/18
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